Commission Status

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Information & TOS

updated: 4/11/21

Check Trello for status of your commission. 


The best way to get in touch with me is through Discord Mousu#6640 or email

What I can and can't do

  • Please look over my social media and the sample art provided on this site. 

  • Do not try to commission me for things out of my skill level. 

  • I can draw chibi, furry, anthro, feral, and MLP.

  • Mecha, buff, muscles, realistic art are types of things I cannot do. 
  • NSFW is fine but reference sheet will be need. 

Payment and Pricing

  • Commission prices are subject to change throughout the year. 

  • I won't be charging you extra if I already accepted your commission and prices change during that time period. 

  • Payment will be accepted through an invoice created in Paypal. You can pay the invoice with any type of credit or debit card. Having a paypal account to pay is not required. 

  • For commissions under $20 the payment needs to be paid in full at the start.

  • Commissions above $20 you have a choice to pay in full or 50/50.


If you order a commission that require it to be shipped to you please make sure your address is correct when paying the invoice. I will be shipping to the address on the invoice.

Free Domestic shipping. Tracking included. 

International shipping is $10. No tracking once it leaves the USA. 


Refund Policy

  • If I haven’t started on the drawing and you would like to cancel the commission you will get a full refund minus the transaction fee.

  • If I had started the work already you can only get a partial refund. The amount will vary depending on how far I had gotten on the work.


If you require approval for each stage of the work (sketch > lineart > color > shading), please let me know beforehand. This will extend the time it'll take to finish the drawing. 


Major revisions can be made during the "Sketch" phase.

Once I have finished the drawing only very minor edits can be made or if I had made a mistake on my part I'll try and edit it if it doesn't require a large rework. 

Things like sketch commission or experimental commission do not get any revisions or wips previews. 


Rights and Distribution

  • I reserve the rights to the artwork and distribution.

  • The artwork may be used in my portfolio and website gallery. 

  • These prices posted are for personal use only (expect for emotes). You cannot use any work that you have commissioned for profit or commercial use. If you would like to get the full rights to the piece, please contact me for the pricing.

  • Usually the price for commercial rights is 3x the commission price.

  • Emote commissions comes with commercial use rights. You're allowed to use it on stream/discord/etc and make profit from it. 

  • You are allowed to repost your commissioned work on any sites as long as there is credit. 

  • You can use the artwork for personal use. Things like editing for social media banner, crop for profile icon, emotes, etc. 

  • Most of my finished commission will be posted on sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Deviantart. If you would like me to keep the art private please let me know. 

Thanks! Message sent.